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When you live in the horror of a life and 3 months of it forcibly detained and forcibly medicated knowing that you were there due to the circumstances surrounding the ongoing covering up and down playing of  the clergy sexual abuse issue and knowing that any one of those forcibly drugging you can be so affected by it that they can justify any measure of control and sanction against you. Even your life.

When you intervene in a threat of sexual assault against a child and you are charged with a traffic offense and when no investigation is carried out in regards the threat of sexual assault against a child.

When you can sit with the Minister of Police, the Police Commissioner and the Assistant Commissioner and place before them the facts leading up to this and no investigation, no gathering of evidence and no interview is conducted. When the document was a copy of a Vatican document which has been validated through the legal process available due to the democratic rights provided to Americans in their own country.

When you understand that you have pushed politicians and heads of Governments, religious and Commission heads, Policing and Health to  their limits and you understand that people before you have died earlier than intended for no apparent reason simply because they have attempted the same.

When any person in this country can just as easily and regularly do have their rights denied them as a result of the covering up of the sexual abuse of children by clergy. These can take any form of crime ranging from traffic offenses, murder, rape, sexual assault, fraud, break and enters, human rights abuses, child trafficking, conflicts with neighbors and with a spouse or within families through to genocide and war - in fact any criminal offense recognised through our judicial system.

Any aspect of crime, law, justice, politics, education, health and any area of public service you wish to name will firstly filter those crimes through their personal perspective as a direct result of the errors made in the past which permitted such a cover up to exist and to flourish for the time it did.

When Health fails and can only produce a knee jerk, dysfunctional response and claim mental illness and threaten dire consequences if you continue to talk or make mention of sexual abuse by clergy.

When those things occur in one life they should be enough to obtain a halt. They simply do not.

When those things do occur in many others lives those too should be enough to obtain a halt. That simply does not occur.

When those things can touch your life at any point that too should be enough to obtain a halt. That too simply does not cause a stop.

But. When your child is raped by someone who unless he is an exception is affected in some way by the cover up of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy. When that happens they too attempt to call for a halt. Only to fall on deaf, unbending and obedient politicians and their religious leaders ears.

When that happens to someone you know after September 1 of this year you can be assured that you have played some part in the covering up of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy.

An appropriate intervention requires a stop by date. That date has been set as September 1 of this year. 2009.

An appropriate intervention requires that the regulatory and governmental authorities of the country who have a moral obligation to the people they represent to enter into talks with all parties to resolve the issue.

When that can be the life of any individual who may briefly consider that their rights as a citizen of the country should be considered before the sexual whim of a failed Catholic church and all that has brought onto our society then it is truly time to set a date for a halt.

Its when you understand that even in this smallest of ways that you put forward the concepts found in the September 1 initiative that you are personally doing something about this issue.

September 1 is founded on the basics of intervention. Firstly enable a stop or a halt to current events. Then obtain a plan or program to rectify the harm caused. September 1 does both of those effectively and fairly.

It is no quantum leap of understanding to realise that for either side to co-operate would be considered by them as an admission of guilt or responsibility though foolishly it seems that both church and Government fail to realise that no person in this country wants these circumstances to continue.

Acknowledging that both bear a moral responsibility and that both have failed in the past, both fail in the present and without acknowledgment they will both continue to fail into the future is simply an acknowledgment of the facts. Naturally they will both be angry and righteous in their mock outrage at such a suggestion and with promptly come to the fore to vigorously defend their good name and blabber of all the good work they have done whilst they stand as fools unable to hide their own affectedness.
These facts are acknowledged by each and every one of us in someway through our own experiences in life as a result of this singular issue and will increasingly be acknowledged after September 1 2009.

I  personally would like to ask you to contact your political and religious leaders and ask them do they have a better and more appropriate plan. If they do not would you kindly ask them to support the September 1 initiate. If they have a better plan I would appreciate learning more about it.

September 1 can be found online at http://www.september12009.com/



Online reference for this document can be found at http


September 1, 2009


Join in with this Global day - September 1

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