Appropriately Redefining Australian Society



Why Australia needs to take action

Preparation for a campaign to shed light on the facts of historical child exploitation and abuse in Australia. more ...


Actions that can be taken

 A planned marketing campaign to encourage and enlist support for this initiative. Explore social needs for the future such as Global Warming, Universal Income, Retirement Age, Euthanasia, A Bill of Rights, Non Adversarial Systems, Modernise our Constitution, Lower Voting Age to include Teenagers  more ...


Seek public support

A tiered plan of action designed to to bring about change more ...


Policy * Child Protection

Protect children from religious and other institutions that would do them harm more ...


Policy * A Bill of Rights

A bill of rights for all, including children, to make breaches of our rights punishable by the law  more ... 


Policy * Digital real-time voting

Bring direct democracy to the people through digital real-time voting on every issue, to ensure your politicians work for you and not their mates more ...

An evidence based reasoned humanitarian response to the evidence disclosed by the Royal Commission and from a growing list of inquiries and investigations across the world.

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